How to Market for Personal Injury Law Firms

Personal injury law firms work with people who have been injured in an automobile accident, on the job or even by a doctor during surgery or treatment. Therefore, marketing for this type of legal practice means getting the firm's name in front of people who have been hurt. Developing a successful marketing campaign for a personal injury law firm takes time and money, but the payback is a steady stream of clients.

Things You'll Need

Blog-enabled website
Business cards
Magnetized business cards
Glossy brochure
Yellow pages ad

Design and prepare a website that highlights the firm's attorneys and important support staff members, its experience in personal injury law, its history and any big verdicts the firm has won in court or through settlement. Make sure the website has a component that allows for regular blogging.

Post a blog or a personal injury-related article on the firm's website at least two times a week. This will help the website move up in rankings on search engines when people in your practice area have need of this type of lawyer. Consider running a pay per click ad campaign where your site comes up when certain searches are performed.

Purchase business letterhead and business cards that have a similar tie-in design to the firm's website. Letterhead is important for direct-mail marketing. Cards can be easily passed out in a variety of social and business settings. They can also be placed on bulletin boards at courthouses, coffee shops or even hospitals.

Join the personal injury section of the state bar where the firm practices. Get involved. Becoming active in this section is an excellent way to network, pick up business and get referrals.

Send a letter of introduction to every chiropractor in your practice area. A week later, follow the letter up with a phone call to schedule a brief meeting. At the meeting drop off a brochure and business card and introduce yourself. Ask the chiropractor to refer you any patients who have been injured in an accident.

Take out a yellow page advertisement that is at least 1/2 page in size. It is important that your ad captures the feelings that an injured person might be having. Include a phone number, email and a link to the firm's website in the ad.

Tips & Warnings

Give each client you sign up a magnetized copy of your business card to keep on their refrigerator. This makes it easy for them to call you about their case and easy for them to give your firm's name to others who might need a personal injury attorney.
Make sure to familiarize yourself with your state's laws concerning attorneys and advertising before you develop your campaign.