Step Mom Gift Ideas

Whether they are a new addition or integral part of the family, gifts can make step moms feel welcome, included and appreciated, no matter the occasion. Though shopping can be tough, there are a few methods and ideas for any budget that celebrate step moms and show them they are well loved.

Family portraits can make step moms feel connected with the family, and express love and inclusion. Candid shots work well if family portraits aren't available. For a more customized look, have family names engraved on frames or use one with sentimental messages.

Step moms work hard, so relaxation can be a much-appreciated gift. Taking it easy, breakfast in bed or having chores done for them is a kind and inexpensive way to show appreciation. Bath or spa kits help step moms feel relaxed and rejuvenated, while a massage can release tension.

Plan gifts around the step mom's interests. Some step moms like to cook, so a kitchen gadget or apron would be appreciated. For gardeners, look into gardening tools or a new plant. Book lovers might enjoy a gift book with quotes appreciating moms and step moms.

It's no secret--many women love jewelry. For step moms, the usual baubles and trinkets can be replaced with lockets to hold family pictures. Put charms that represent family members on charm bracelets along with initials or hearts to express affection.