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Survival Tips for Stepmothers

Getting married and becoming a stepmother can be quite a daunting situation, particularly with all of the "evil stepmother" stereotypes that exist. Stepchildren are often reluctant to establish trust with stepparents for a variety of factors, from being afraid of betraying a biological parent to anger and resentment over a parent's new marriage.

How Can I Honor My Mother & Stepmother in My Wedding

When you have a complicated family tree, you must find a way to include everyone who's meaningful to you without stepping on anyone's toes. You want to include your stepmother in your wedding, but you don't want to take away any of your mother's important duties. Finding a role for each woman makes them both feel honored and guarantees you a day free from drama. Share your plans with both women long before the ceremony so that everyone knows what to expect on the wedding day.

Good Gift Ideas for My Stepmom's Birthday

Watching your stepmom’s face light up as she opens the birthday gift you worked so hard to find is a rewarding experience. When someone is a new addition to your family, shopping for a gift can seem like an overwhelming task. With the right planning and thought, finding something she’ll enjoy does not have to be hard. Focus the gift on a hobby she enjoys or treat her to an experience she’ll never forget.

What Should Step Kids Call Their Stepmom?

When two families start a new household, the transition can be hard. The relationship between a stepmother and children can be particularly challenging and will take time to define. Stepchildren might not know what to call you initially, but every family is different. Discuss your titles and roles with your new partner and family.

Step Mom Gift Ideas

Whether they are a new addition or integral part of the family, gifts can make step moms feel welcome, included and appreciated, no matter the occasion. Though shopping can be tough, there are a few methods and ideas for any budget that celebrate step moms and show them they are well loved.

How Should a Step-Mom Handle Teens?

Stepmothers often find themselves in an awkward spot when it comes to knowing how to handle their husband's children from a previous relationship. Conflicts with your stepchildren can also upset your marriage. Learning how to build good relations among the members of the family can go a long way in easing tension and encouraging marital bliss.

How to Become a Good Stepmother

If being a mother is the toughest job in the world, then being a stepmother is a close second. It's never easy to step in and fill a mother's role. Becoming a good stepmother takes patience and practice. There are the usual speed bumps along the way. But if you follow these steps, you are on the road to becoming a good stepmother.

How to Become a Great Stepmom

After exchanging vows, you may find yourself adjusting to life as a stepmother in a blended family. Though developing a deeper relationship with your spouse's children can be a fulfilling experience, it can also be a challenging and difficult road to navigate. Whether you are beginning the stepparent journey or trying to improve your family relationships, knowing how to handle your stepchildren can help you become a better stepmom.

How to Be a Good Stepmom to Boys

Whether you're parenting a blended family of boys or girls, being a stepmom doesn't come with a manual or a pamphlet of golden rules, mostly because those universal golden rules don't exist -- every family, every stepmom and every budding boy is different. Despite these variables, you can follow general guidelines to help you and your boys along your journey.

How to Become a Surrogate Mother in Ohio

A surrogate mother carries a baby to term in her own body for couples who cannot become pregnant or who opt not to go through pregnancy. The surrogate and couple sign an agreement that the child will be carried by the surrogate but given to the couple who provide the sperm and egg in return for the payment of medical expenses and a personal fee. Each state, including Ohio, has its own laws and policies governing the process.

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